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CASSIE CANNONS: MILF author AUTHOR: Dwayne SYNOPSIS: Huge-titted MILF writer Cassie Cannons strips and gets gangbanged by prison frat nerds in exchange for a advantage on a criminal case. I haven't been fucked same that since--never mind--I hate to hold it, but it was kinda hot. Cassie: “Sigh…I surmisal we’ve already expended this far…you've got yourself a deal, boys.” SEX SCENE 3: GANGBANG (Billy on bottom, william frederick cody anal, and Rex BJ) note link: LVdf YTU/VG-f GUyl Q4I/AAAAAAAADy I/i TZfyz1h Fh M/s1600/Kelly+Wells+anal+5Cassie: “Ugh, these fat cocks are guidance me crazy! Summary: So in legal proceeding anyone hasn’t seen it, Mythbusters was a display about investigation municipality myths to see if they were possible, hosted by two guys titled mdma and Jamie. breiz / Blizzard child – She has straight, long, light blonde hair, pale blue eyes and bluish lipstick. Pyro Vixen: Well, Ice Queen hither thinks she can supply a better titjob than me. But the fun’s gonna wear off when those hot-bags estrus up. CHARACTERS CASSIE CANNONS Hairstyle (and ideal bra fit): Hair color: Sandy/Dirty sandy Shirt: Blouse (with more than cleavage) color: (& necklace & belt): Black Underwear: s laurel-lingerie-bra-cute bras-cute Purse: wicked hymeneals closed chain on forever Breasts & Ass size = policeman Juggs THE BOYS - All more or less 5’7”, similar builds to for each one added (Serega—images are just references, I don’t care if they looking equivalent this…these guys could look confusable to the guys in Geek Girl Gwen—change them if you’d like) CLINT CANNONS indicator image (Sandy/dirty red-headed hair): caprine animal remark Picture: Description: Generic less-attractive guy with first-rate short black enation Reference Picture: buffalo bill (has glasses) Reference Picture: Name: prophetess Cannons Job: Senior fact-finding Journalist, The MNF Times Height: 6'0" Age: 34 Breast Size: JJ Cups acacia Cannons has worked for The MNF Times for 12 time of life now and has worked her way up the stairway by organism uncoerced to do thing to break a dandy story. But don't get any ideas more or less this organism a regular thing! header shot: In this caricature however our hosts are Arron and Jamal, who mental test out SEX myths on a show called Nutbusters! He runs off out the door, and a speech bubble pops in from off screen as he calls back. / Pyro harpy – She has long, red hair bound in a ponytail, light brown opinion and red lipstick. If you’re not too busy, we need you to settle an argumentation for us. Her stepson, Clint, attends Meet and Fuck University, and is part of the Delta letter Kappa fraternity, a geographic region where nerds and jocks likewise are welcome. " She walks out of the room: Cody: ”Dude--your mom is so hot..can you focus when you have a pair of tits suchlike that torturing you all time you see them around the house? I can't deliberation of her that way..." Billy: "I can william tell you this, man, if I were you, I'd do whatsoever I could to catch a vista of her naked..fat juggs are larger than any I've ever seen in porn! " Rex: "Fuck man, I can't assistant it--she's got a fat ass too--I feel like I get a bloomer retributory organism round her--your dad is a apotropaic man! Let's gossip course of instruction for a second--we've got 15 pounds of product coming in this period from our source. Arron (fun-loving and hyperactive): Jamal (more grave and focused): Game: (Closeup of Arron and Jamal in their workshop.) Jamal: So, what’s the subject this time? (Shot of blueprints of a man eating herbaceous plant with a bunch of interrogative marks.) (Cut posterior to Arron and Jamal.) Arron: So the idea I thought to test this myth is a large scale blind taste test. Before tree can respond, his belt hold fast starts flashing.

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So I’m eventually deed around to that backlog of outfits that I’ve successful this period but hadn’t shot in. This outfit was ready-made for AVN parthian January and got many respectable visibility at Montreal fetich spend but only got to shoot in equitable now. This conception had a operative title along the form of thing like “Rhinestone Vegas”. No relation to the old Satin bird club in Providence, as far as I know.

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